Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance
Every state requires the driver of a motorcycle to have insurance. The only difference between most states is the minimum coverage requirement. When you’re on a motorcycle though, you want more than just minimum insurance. That’s because if you’re in an accident on a motorcycle, you’re more vulnerable to serious injury.

Medical payments coverage
Regardless of liability, medical payments coverage insures you should medical expenses be incurred by you as a result of an accident. Because you’re more exposed to serious injury on a motorcycle, you might want to consider the highest possible limit on medical payments coverage.

State law requires you to have liability coverage. This covers damage to the person or property of others that’s caused by you. This usually includes guest passengers. If your policy doesn’t have guest passenger coverage, get it. Get sufficient liability limits too. $25,000 in liability coverage isn’t enough to cover surgery for a broken leg.

Accessory coverage
This is much more common with motorcycle insurance than car insurance because so many motorcycles are customized. Permanently installed upgrades and equipment on your bike will be insured when this coverage is selected. If you’re in an accident without this coverage, and those parts are damaged or destroyed, you’re on the hook for their repair or replacement cost.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist
If somebody who has no insurance at all is responsible for an accident that you’re in, you can claim against your own insurer as if was the uninsured driver’s insurer. If they were only riding on a $20,000 policy, and you claim $70,000 in damages, you can claim the $50,000 balance on your underinsured motorist coverage.

Collision and comprehensive
Both of these cover your bike regardless of liability. If you’re in a collision, the insurer will pay the cost of repairs or replacement of the bike. Comprehensive coverage triggers for other causes of damage like theft or vandalism.

Because you’re more likely to get into an accident with a motorcycle, you’ll want appropriate and sufficient coverage. Don’t think of motorcycle insurance like car insurance.