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Dry Patrol

Experience the Difference 

Every day we see homeowners and business owners in a state of panic and distress. They’re under a great amount of stress and their lives and businesses have been disrupted. They’re wondering, “Will my home or business be OK?” “Is my family in danger?” “How much will it cost to get back to normal?” It’s very stressful time in their lives. We know, we’ve been there ourselves. It’s why we started DryPatrol.

We understand how devastating water damage and mold can be to your home, business and family. It’s always been our policy to treat the people first, then the problem. We do this by first and foremost being the industry leading experts in water damage mitigation and mold removal. Our DryPatrol teams bring only the top quality, state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, knowledge, professional integrity and compassion to every job we do—we never cut a single corner.

Exceptional service provided in: water damage restoration; drying equipment, tools and metering; structural drying methods; inspections and evaluations; microbiology associated with water damage; health effects associated with microbial (mold) contamination; mold remediation; psychrometrics; biocides and antimicrobials; advanced spot, stain and odor control and removal.

We work seamlessly with insurance providers and other contractors to ensure you get ‘back to normal’ properly and completely.

711 Business Way

Carlisle, OH 45005

Phone: (513) 874-9300