Community Cause

Providing Scholastic Assistance and Mentorship to Ohio Students

College graduation rates in Ohio are slipping. Ohio trails well behind the national average in the total number of high school graduates who move on to receive a four year degree, and this rate is even greater among children who come from low income families.

The Wilber-Price Insurance Group is launching a campaign in the greater Cincinnati area to provide scholastic and mentorship resources to local children in an effort to encourage our young people to complete their education.

Ambassadors for Higher Education

As Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange group in southwest Ohio, the Wilber-Price Insurance Group is deeply invested in ensuring all the children in our community receive the education they deserve. Our goals during this campaign will be to support local programs that provide direct support to low income students, to sponsor local scholarship opportunities, and to help provide mentors to children who can offer guidance and support as they complete their studies.

Thousands of children in our area need assistance, and we can’t reach them without your help.

Be a Part of this Important Campaign

To be a part of this campaign, all you need to do is encourage your friends, family members, or co-workers to visit us at the Wilber-Price Insurance Group and receive a free insurance consultation. While here, we will offer them details on our campaign to support local students. And when they leave, we will gladly issue a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a regional program or agency that provides assistance to schoolchildren in our area.

Working Together for our Children

Education is the key to a happy, productive, and meaningful life. Please join us, and let’s make sure all the children in our community have the support they need to complete their education.


John Wilber

Wilber-Price Insurance Group

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